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Anolis Lizards of the Eastern Caribbean: A Case Study in Evolution. I.: Genetic Relationships, Phylogeny, and Colonization Sequence of the Roquet Group

abstract1 (full description below): Systematic Zoology, Vol. 23, No. 3. (Sep., 1974), pp. 387-399.
Anolis Lizards. PDF/Acrobat file     1974. Suh Yung Yang; Michael Soule; George C. Gorman

Abstract A phylogeny based upon genetic imilarity coupled with information from cytogenetics, behavior, ecological distribution, and geography is developed for the roquet species group of Anolis lizards in the southeastern Caribbean region. We postulate that the primary events were stepwise colonization of the three island banks closest to the South American mainland (Grenada, St. Vincent, and St. Lucia). The secondary events were colonization from St. Lucia to the more westerly islands of Blanquilla, and from there to Bonaire; the acquisition of a second species on St. Vincent by in situ speciation or by secondary colonization; the colonization of Martinique, Barbados, and the Grenada Bank (the latter for the second time).