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Evolutionary Genetics of Insular Adriatic Lizards

abstract1 (full description below): Evolution, Vol. 29, No. 1. (Mar., 1975), pp. 52-71.
Insular Adriatic Lizards. PDF/Acrobat file     1975. George C. Gorman; Michael Soule; Suh Yung Yang; Eviatar Nevo

The use of electrophoresis to study allozyme variation allows the evolutionary biologist to compare various genetic parameters of populations. In this paper we employ this technique in an analysis of the evolutionary genetics of the genus Lacerta in the Adriatic region. We compare genetic similarity among populations and species to obtain a quantitative estimate of relatedness. We compare genetic variability on islands and on the mainland to examine genetic consequences of insularity. We examine the relative contributions of island size, habitat complexity, and various measures of isolation to the determination of the observed levels of heterozygosity. Finally, we attempt to estimate the relative importance of selection and genetic drift, and apply our findings to the question of allelic neutrality.