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What Is Environmental Studies?

abstract1 (full description below): BioScience, Vol. 48, No. 5. (May, 1998), pp. 397-405.
Environmental Studies. PDF/Acrobat file     Michael E. SoulĂ©; Daniel Press

Exerpt: Although precedents existed for environmental studies programs in schools of forestry and natural resources, colleges and universities did not begin to initiate free-standing programs in the field until the 1960s. But even as environmental programs evolved and diversified, a definition of environmental studies and clear statements about curricular content and educational objectives have remained elusive. Now that environmental studies, as a specific curricular emphasis, is more than a quarter century old and is in a new phase of proliferation and expansion, the need for a distinct identity seems more pressing, if only to help to counter the hostility to environmental education from some political interests and to respond to charges that the field lacks rigor.