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The Wildlands Project: An Affirmative Response to a Creeping Crisis

abstract1 (full description below): Pp 1-6 in Keeley, J.E., Baer-Keeley, and C.J. Fotheringham (eds.) 2nd Interface between ecology and land development in California. US Geological Survey, Open-File Report 00-62. 2000
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Worldwide, the best predictor of habitat loss is population growth rate density. California is no exception. In this state, massive sprawl and the ranchette phenomenon have driven many ecosystems to or beyond the 90 percent destruction/fragmentation threshold for loss of ecological integrity and species. Virtually all of the habitats in the state will follow this course unless a new way of planing is adopted. MSHCP's and NCCP's present one alternative to business as usual. Another approach (The Wildlands Project) is to create a more ambitious and scientifically rigorous vision of what California could become (or retain), if boldness and imagination replaced sprawl and growth as the forcing variables.