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Getting from here to there.

abstract1 (full description below): Wild Earth. 5:32-36
Getting from here to there.. PDF/Acrobat file     SoulĂ©, M. E.

Turning back the assault on the natural world is a monumental and complex task, even the first step--planning a network of reserves--is an enormous undertaking. This paper is intended as a general guide to the steps needed to produce a regional proposal for a Wildlands reserve system. It is based on an assessment of work underway in some regions, and extensive discussion with regional group throughout the continent. The process will change with experience. Each region of North America is unique biologically and culturally, so for each region the process of developing a reserve system will vary. Think of the outline below, then, as a preliminary check list of important elements in the process and of what you and the Wildlands staff may bring to the process.