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Saving Species versus Saving Ecosystems: Is There a Conflict?

abstract1 (full description below): Pp 77-91 in McKenney, D. W., R. A. Sims, M. E. Soul
Saving Species vs Saving Ecosystems. PDF/Acrobat file     SoulĂ©, M. E.

To simplify things, let us say that there are two kinds of intellectual activities: normative and non-normative. In the former, we seek the good and the beautiful. In the lamer, the non-normative, there can be many objectives; however, if we are concerned with science, the objective is the truth-the way things really are. Conservation biology (CB), like forestry, range management, fisheries biology, and wildlife management, is a mission-oriented (or normative) discipline: it searches for the truth but in service of the good. In other words, it is based on certain dues. Conservation biologists seek to provide the knowledge and technology that people in the conservation movement need to do their work.