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Competitive exclusion between insular Lacerta species (Sauria, Lacertidae): Notes on experimental introductions.

abstract1 (full description below): Oceologia (Berlin) 10:183-190.
Competitive exclusion. PDF/Acrobat file     SoulĂ©, Nevo, Gorman, Yang, Clover, and Jovanovic

Summary. Competitive exclusion between Lacerta sicula and L. melisellensis characterizes the small islands of the Adriatic Sea. In 1958 and 1959 M. Radovanovic introduced Lacerta sicula or Lacerta melisellensis onto islands exclusively occupied by the other species. During the summer of 1971 follow-up observations were made on three of these islands, two of which completely lacked representatives of the introduced species. On the third island, the introduced species appears to be replacing the native form. Minor habitat differences permit coexistence, however the situation is dynamic and probably not at equilibrium. A reciprocal introduction involving the two species on the islands of Pod Kopiste and Pod Mrcaru is announced.