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Ten years ago, ten years from now: summary remarks for the symposium

abstract1 (full description below): Symp. zool. Soc. Land. (1992) No. 64: 225-234
Ten years ago, ten years from now. PDF/Acrobat file     Michael E. SoulĂ©

Introduction Let me say first that these remarks are not intended to reflect everything that was said at this symposium, nor even all the major points made by the speakers. In other words, they are not a proper summary. Instead, they resemble more the reactions of a hungry man at a roadside fruit stall. The bite at each grape, or peach, or strawberry triggers sensations and associations, and if he is the sort of man given to verbal expression, he may utter whatever springs into his consciousness. So, I indulged myself by sitting, listening and taking notes for two days, and what follows are my reactions. I hasten to add, though, that this commentary is not really 'mine'. It is truly a collaborative effort, based on the formal and informal words of all the speakers. The only reason that my name is on it is that it came out of my word processor. I hope, therefore, that the speakers and commentators will forgive me for not crediting their ideas to them. Not only is it stylistically awkward to attribute every statement, but I would make many errors. So, kind reader, please consider this to be a product of group consciousness, and kind speaker-colleague, please indulge my laziness.