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Genetical Conservation of Exploited Fishes.

abstract1 (full description below): Pp. 345-368 in Ryman, W. and F. Utter (eds.), Populations Genetics and Fisheries Management. Washington Sea Grant Program (Univ. Washington Press, Seattle).
Genetical conservation of exploited fishes. PDF/Acrobat file  

Introduction. Recent reviews have adequately described the current state of fish conservation throughout the world (Berst and Simon 1981, FAO/UNEP 1981, Ryman 198 la). The threats are manifold and serious. They include pollution, siltation and other habitat destruction, introduction of exotics, and overfishing. Rather than elaborating once again this litany of horrors, we have instead focused upon a more restricted subject of utmost concern to fisheries management: what are the effects of the fishing and hatchery practices themselves upon the gene pools of the harvested species?