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A Comment on the Letter by Van Valen and Grant

abstract1 (full description below): The American Naturalist, Vol. 104, No. 940. (Nov. - Dec., 1970), pp. 590-591.
Comment on the Letter by Van Valen and Grant. PDF/Acrobat file     Michael Soule

EXCERPT: Van Valen (1965) has argued that "genetically controlled interindividual behavior and morphological variation related to the occupation of the niche should on the average be large" where there are relatively few species and where different individuals within a species are fitted to, and do in fact, occupy on the average different narrow niches (or, equivalently, different parts of a broad niche)." He suggested that this model explains why many peripheral dipteran populations are relatively depauperate for chroniosomal inversions, and why the eggp of common species of British nesting birds and the wing colors of common nocturnal moths are more variable than these characters in their rarer counterparts.