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Michael E. Soulé

Michael Soule is professor Emeritus of Environmental Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz where he served as Chair of the Department from 1989 to 2096.  He was born, raised, and educated in California. After spending much of his youth in the canyons, deserts, and shores of San Diego and Baja California, teaching natural history to children at the Natural History Museum, and graduating from San Diego State, he drove his Hilman Minx to Palo Alto to study population biology with Paul Ehrlich, focusing on the evolution and variation lizards on islands in the Gulf of California.


The Study of Sin

Michael expects to finish a book on how sin relates to the extinction crisis.

Collected Papers of Michael E. Soulé


This book is a select collection of seminal writings by Michael Soulé over a thirty-year time-span from 1980 through the present day. Previously published in books and leading journals, these carefully selected pieces show the progression of his intellectual thinking on topics such as genetics, ecology, evolutionary biology, and extinctions, and how the history and substance of the field of conservation biology evolved over time. 

Editorial by Soulé
The 'New Conservation'

Editorial published in Conservation Biology.

Publication Archive Nearly Complete

NOTE: While articles are still being added to complete this archive, much of Michael's published work is available here.

Species Extinction Is A Great Moral Wrong
Editorial by Cafaro and Primack

Article in Biological Conservation vol. 170 (2014) pg. 1-2. By Cafaro, Philip and Primack, Richard. In response to Peter Kareiva and Michelle Marvier.

Michael's Curriculum Vitae
 Download here

View document here.

News Release - Connecting Natural Landscapes
Using a Landscape Permeability Model to Prioritize Conservation Activities in the US

Article published in Conservation Letters in early February 2012 by David M. Theobald, Sarah E. Reed, Kenyon Fields, and Michael Soulé Keywords: climate change adaptation; habitat loss and fragmentation; gradients; graph theory; landscape connectivity with the Abstract.


Trophic Downgrading of Planet Earth

A paper Michael contributed to published in Science Magazine. By Estes, et. all. view abstract here

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